Robert Turcotte

Inspired by a healthy lifestyle, I am a fervent defender of Health and Well-being. My vision is to implement specific fitness and treatment programs that will create healthier humans.

Being an Asthmatic and having a strong passion for fitness and sports I made a commitment to learn more about the human body to heal my condition. My belief and understanding at the time that traditional medication was the  only solution to help my health flipped when I started working with a homeopath. My diet, my lifestyle and my mental well-being are all integral parts of my true health.

With a bachelor's degree from McGill University in Physical Education and Health, I also completed multiple training Certificates in Personal Training and Health to further my knowledge of the human body and health.

Teaching in schools to working in fitness facilities have provided me with the opportunity to connect with each generation on this planet. The invaluable experiences of both careers have given me the pleasure of helping others increase their potential and achieve better physical and mental health.

As a health coach, personal trainer and entrepreneur creating healthier humans both mind and body is my mission.  I continue to do that for myself and people I work with each day, we have one life to live let us create an impact and a healthier world together.

We are a health and wellness team
who serves with passion and care!