Robert Turcotte

Inspired by Healthy Living I am a true advocate for Health and Wellness. My vision is to evolve the field through proper implementation of training, treatments and programs that create a healthier human.

My passion for sport led me to the Health and Wellness field as I conquered a battle with asthma. My belief in medication as the only solution to helping one’s health was proved false. My diet, lifestyle and mental wellness became more in line with my vision of what health is. These life experiences provided me with an opportunity to achieve a healthier body and mind. 

With my Bachelors Degree from McGill University in Physical Education & Health I also enrolled in Personal Training Certifications to give me a greater holistic understanding of human health. Having taught Physical Education and Health from the Elementary to Cegep level, I became torn with what I was teaching and how effective it was in the educational system. The invaluable experiences from both careers has given me the pleasure to help others increase their true potential and achieve greatness in their lives. 

As a health coach, personal trainer and entrepreneur ... our time together is all about creating the opportunity to transform. 

Fully transferring careers and growing my personal training career over the past 10 years has evolved to the creation of Kondition.