BeKome more.

Our team will help guide you towards becoming the best version of yourself!


Our team takes pride in helping our Kondition Kommunity improve their health and productivity across all aspects of wellness. By reducing stress and creating the ideal work environment, you can achieve your goals while living a healthy and balanced life.

Ian MacDonald

Kondition Client

Whether it be a spin class, Osteopathy treatment with Tyler or just going for a workout, I cannot recommend Kondition's wellness offerings enough. The level of service that the entire team delivers is second to none. 

Alexandre Michaud

Kondition Client

Best training place in the city. The team is amazing always smiling and giving there 120% everyone of them should get the recognition that they deserve. 

Alejandra Gil

Kondition Client

Kondition's team has proven to be a leading force in both the fitness and therapy fields. As a fitness professional and client, I have experienced and witnessed the team's dedication, enthusiasm and commitment towards a healthier lifestyle.

KOMMITTED to your growth!

Let's build  KONFIDENCE together!

Our Pillars

Achieving KONSISTENT improvement through our four pillars.

These 4 pillars are the stepping stone to helping you accomplish your goals. Kondition's proven system ensures that all areas of health are looked at in order put into practices the ideal approach for you to become the best version of yourself.
 4 ways that you can take KARE of your health!

Holistic Nutrition

Our Holistic Nutritionist provides the best possible wellness program for you.

Good nutrition is the basis for optimal health and a well-balanced lifestyle. 

We help you set goals that will optimize your health and provide you with the tools necessary to succeed with guaranteed results.

Working closely with our guests is important to us. Through developing a functional and practical approach, this will ensure we are guiding you on a lifelong journey.


We believe that physical movement is a pillar that honors true health and longevity.Whether you are looking to increase mobility, build strength and endurance, improve your cardiovascular capacity, or maximize your results through movement patterns to support your daily activity, lifestyle and or sport - our team will help to strengthen your overall physicality and limit your risk of injury.


In order to properly prepare the body for optimal performance, we emphasize a proactive approach to health rather than waiting for the breakdown to occur.

Our team of therapists and healthcare professionals are here to accelerate the healing process in the case of injury.

Whether it's preventative sessions to condition the body and limit the incidence of injury or  increase physical performance, our team can help.

Life Practices

We can help you to provide challenge and compassion for the individual and your team, to be the best version of themselves.

This process involves curiosity and innovation on both the client(s) and coaches part. The journey of growth and development is not easy and challenges us all!

 Our coaches believe in you and are excited to see the best version of you emerge and make a difference in the world both personally and professionally!


Kondition is a health and wellness company that was established in 2017. We flourished through the corporate environment which has led us to our current facility and as a company, we have forged in to the four pillars of health.

We serve and support humans in their journey of health and wellbeing and we truly aim to take care of your day to day health.

With the repeatable healthy daily habits that we foster, educate, teach and share as a unified team, Kondition is a one stop shop for your health! We serve with a team of experts that have the common goal of getting you to feel and be your best.

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